who makes kirkland golf ball

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

The manufacturer Qingdao SM Parker in China is responsible for making the Kirkland golf ball. It is then supplied to Costco and sold by Costco under the Kirkland brand.

The Kirkland golf ball is a 3-piece golf ball with a soft urethane cover, and a highly elastic rubber core. It has a dimple pattern with 338 dimples.

This construction helps the golf ball produce more backspin for short game control around the green and more distance for golfers with high swing speeds to hit the ball farther.

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kirkland golf ball 3 piece

Where to Buy Kirkland Golf Balls?

You might have heard by now that Costco sells golf balls. Costco is one of the largest retailers in the United States, and they offer bulk purchase items at cheaper prices.

Buying in bulk can be a great way to save some money on groceries and its no different with golf balls. Often times, buying a box of dozen balls is cheaper than individual sleeves on a per golf ball pricing basis.

You can find the Kirkland Signature 3 Piece golf ball at Costco on sale for around $35 for two dozen golf balls (24 balls). This is a great deal considering the price per golf ball is $1.50 after tax. But you have to have a Costco membership to get into the store.

You can also find these same Kirkland golf balls on Amazon if you don’t want to pay for a Costco membership.

Kirkland Golf Ball vs Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

The Kirkland golf ball is still a high performance golf ball. Many golfers believe that because Kirkland golf balls are sold at a much cheaper price than Titleist, then they must not be as good on a performance level.

But in reality, the average golfer won’t find much of a performance difference between the Kirkland golf ball and the Titleist golf ball.

However, you will find a price difference which makes the Kirkland golf ball much more appealing.

The average Titleist golf ball usually costs around $4 per ball, while the Kirkland golf ball costs around $1.50 per ball.

In other words, if you have $15 to spend, you could buy 10 Kirkland golf balls as opposed to buying only 3 Titleist golf balls.

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