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Who is Patrick Cantlay’s Wife? Meet Nikki Guidish

Nikki Guidish burst onto the scene as a stunning PGA Tour player wife in 2021 for the first time at the Memorial Tournament.

Patrick Cantlay earned his way into the winner’s circle at that event and this brought Nikki Guidish out of the crowd and into the spotlight leaving many asking Who is Patrick Cantlay’s girlfriend?

Upon further research, it’s clear that these two have kept their relationship pretty private.

Analyzing Instagram photos, we can see the Nikki has become friends with other tour players wives / girlfriends based on photos together. For example, Brooks Koepka’s girlfriend Jenna Sims posted a photo wishing Nikki a happy birthday and the photo also features Dustin Johnson’s wife Paulina.

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In September of 2021, she was spotted supporting and cheering on her man at the Ryder Cup in which Team USA defeated Europe 19-9.

Cantlay had a exceptional debut taking 3.5 out of 4 possible points in matches he participated in for Team USA.


Who is Nikki Guidish?

She is originally from Naples, Florida and currently living in Florida with her man Patrick Cantlay. Her current job is working as a pharmacist for Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals in Palm Beach, Florida. She also has held a job as a pharmacist at Publix.

Nikki was born November 12, 1991 and attended Gulf Coast High School in Naples, FL. She is 5 feet 4 inches and participated in volleyball in high school.

Upon graduation, she enrolled at the University of Central Florida to study Pre-Clinical Health Sciences.

Guidish studied for a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of South Florida in 2018 and took internships at Northside Hospital and St Mary’s Medical Care.

Her father is Jerry Guidish and her brother is Joe Guidish.

In addition to all that she has going on in her career and relationship, Nikki also enjoys fitness and modeling in her spare time.

When will these two tie the knot? Stay tuned for updates.

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