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What Are the Best Golf Apps for Android?

What are the best golf apps for android?

Most aspects of our lives have been transformed by digitalization. We shop on our mobile phones, view food menus on our devices, and even make payments online. People are even purchasing digital art for millions of dollars.

Sports is also an area that has been impacted by digitalization.

While golf is still about swinging the club, maintaining the right posture, and reading the green well, there is an increasing amount of space being carved up for gadgets and technology. We aren’t talking about launch monitors or electric golf push carts.

In this article, we will discuss golf apps that you can use on your android smartphone. The smartphone is a powerful device, almost like a computer and it can gather and analyze all sorts of data. The results of such analysis can help you make important decisions that can elevate your game to the next level.

Why use a Golf app?

The great thing about the smartphone is that it comes with a GPS. Therefore, golf apps for android phone users can use this GPS data and calculate all sorts of things.

Distances traveled, distances from a specific point on the golf course (e.g. green or a hole), colorful maps of golf courses, shot statistics, etc. are the pieces of information that android Golf apps can provide.

You can also watch out for hazards as the golf app will give you a complete picture of the course. You can even keep scores on the app and some apps may even give you tips on how to execute a particular shot or which club to select.

The benefits of using a golf app are clear. Therefore, let us look at some of the top apps to download for android users.


This app has one of the highest ratings among all golf apps. It gets location data from Google Maps and has information on 35,000 golf courses worldwide. The golf course information is GPS-verified and known to be accurate.

Users of this app can also keep track of the scores, maintain important statistics, and get important distances (e.g. distance to the green/hazards). In fact, you can find the distance to any point you like. Such information can help you select the right club for a shot.

If you want to go a step higher, then you can opt for the premium version of 18Birdies.

For a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription, you can get information like humidity, elevation, and temperature. The premium version also provides the user with recommendations on which club to use.

An interesting feature of the premium version is the AI coach. It allows the user to send a short video clip of his/her golf swing. An AI engine in the backend will analyze the video and provide recommendations on improving the club swing.

Golfshot Golf GPS

This app is believed to have over 5 million community members. Its rating on the Google Play Store is 4.2. So, the credentials of the Golfshot app appear to be pretty good. What we want to know is the list of features that makes this app so popular.

For starters, it has information on 45,000 golf courses around the world. It provides the user with useful information like distances to the green and hazards.

The feature we like is the 3D preview of the entire course or a 3D flyview of the shot you are about to take. It allows you to visualize your shot and select the right club. The Golfshot Golf app can keep scores for up to four players.

Interestingly, the Golfshot Golf GPS app is the only one we know that is compliant with the new World Handicap System.

Like the 18Birdies app that we reviewed above, this one also has a free version and a paid version.

The paid version offers more statistics, distances to different parts of the golf course, and an ad-free experience. It also gives you club recommendations. The paid version also allows for handicap index tracking through the use of a GHIN number.

Hole19 Golf GPS

If you just want a straightforward app that is free to use, then Hole19 would be our pick. It works on Android phones as well as with an Apple watch.

The app has all the basic features like a digital scoresheet, a rangefinder, and information on 42,000 golf courses worldwide.

You can view the reviews and ratings of various golf courses on the app as well. Hole19 has added a social element to its app by allowing real-time competition among its users. Some of the features of the Hole19 Golf GPS app work even without an internet connection.

While we mentioned that the Hole19 Golf GPS app is free, it does have a paid version as well. For a monthly, semi-yearly, or yearly subscription, you get extra features like club recommendations based on the distances that you have hit, a handicap simulator and calculator, a shot tracker, and a few other features.

SwingU Golf GPS

SwingU is another popular golf app. How popular? It is believed to have some 5 million users. SwingU claims that its app works on any golf course in the world. The app database has information on some 34,000 golf courses worldwide.

The basic features include distances to various points on the golf course, scoresheets, and statistics like the number of birdies, shot accuracy, and putts per hole.

One unique offering of the SwingU Golf app is its repertoire of instructional videos. The paid version of the app offers users access to over 600 videos from top instructors like Jason Sutton and Chris O’Connell. The free version of the app gives the user one instructional tip every day from the top 100 instructors.

We hope that you now have a decent understanding of some of the most popular golf apps that track golf course GPS and golf stats during a round of play at the course. We also hope that you are now able to see why golf apps are helpful. We wish you all the very best for your next game!

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