shotgun start in golf

What is a Shotgun Start in Golf?

What Does a Shotgun Start Mean in Golf?

A shotgun start in golf is where all of the players in a tournament start at the same time but on different holes. They will continue on playing the golf course in the proper order until they come back around to the hole they began.

For example, if your group is assigned to hole #5 for a shotgun start in golf, then you would proceed to play hole #5 as your first hole of the day. Then your second hole would be hole #6 and so on. You’d finish your 18th hole of the day when you come to hole #4 since you started on #5.

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How Does a Shotgun Start Differ from Tee Times?

With tee times, all golfers start from the same hole but at different times throughout the day. For example, you may be assigned a tee time of 9:30am while another group may get assigned 10:30am to tee off hole #1.

These assigned time slots are known as tee times and every golfer must begin at hole #1.

The shotgun start method in golf differs by the fact that all players would start at the same time, for example, at 9:30am instead of going onto the golf course different times throughout the day.

In order to fit all the golfers on the golf course at the same time, the shotgun start method assigns golfers a specific hole to go to and begin their round.

So instead of all golfers starting at hole #1, each group of golfers would start from a different hole.

When all golfers are in place at their starting hole, the tournament director may blow an air horn to be heard by everyone on the golf course to signal the start of the tournament and to begin teeing off.

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How Many Players Can Fit on a Golf Course Using a Shotgun Start Format?

If you’re looking to host a tournament at your golf course and wish to use the shotgun start format, you’ll want to consider pace of play as a factor.

If you use the shotgun start method, you can send out 18 groups of players to the 18 different holes on the golf course. If these are groups of 4 then that would be a total of 72 players in the tournament.

Each group would likely take 15 minutes to complete the first hole, so by the time they get to their second hole for the day, the hole should be pretty clear since the group that started on it would have finished or almost finished by then.

This should keep things moving along smoothly and a nice pace a play.

If you try to send out two groups to each hole in a shotgun start, then this could allow for more players in the tournament. But it will slow down pace of play since you have more groups overall and each group is waiting on the group ahead of them.

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