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How to Select a Golf Push Cart?

How to Select a Golf Push Cart

It is said that golf is a walking sport. One has to walk a decent distance while going from shot to shot and hole to hole. The golf course is usually spread out over a few acres.

Some folks like to use a golf cart and are willing to pay extra for it. However, many others will just walk and carry their bag.

It is nice to have a caddy carry your bag for you. But, if you don’t have a caddy or are not willing to spend on a caddy, then you have to do it all yourself.

There is nothing wrong with carrying your bag. There is nothing wrong with walking either.

In fact, it’s great because you get some exercise. However, since one has to walk quite a bit to get from point A to point B on the golf course and carry extra weight while doing so, there is always the risk of your back getting overworked and ultimately injured.

One additional benefit of walking is the fact that your body stays warmed up and loose enough to be ready for the next shot. Walking the course also allows you to enjoy it and be amidst nature.

With a golf push cart, you can easily walk and transport your clubs/golfing gear with you.

If you have decided by now that you will walk on the golf course and want to buy a golf push cart, then you will want to know a few things.

In this article, we will discuss what are the key features of a golf push cart and what are some of the best-selling push carts currently out there.

Features of Golf Push Carts to Consider

How Big Is The Storage Space?

One of the primary reasons for purchasing a golf push cart is to store your gear in it as you walk on the course.

Besides your gear, you may also want to store things like snack packs, warm clothes/pullovers if you golf in colder weather, an umbrella/rainwear if you golf in the rain, or even some beer cans if you like to socialize over a round of golf.

It all depends on how you golf. So, there is no one size fits all formula here. But, you get the gist. Every person will have his/her storage requirements and it is one of the primary things you have to think about.

The Design Of The Push Cart

Some carts have a two-wheel design while others have a three-wheel setup. While having one extra wheel might not seem like a big deal, it fundamentally alters how you move the cart.

A two-wheel design will likely make you pull the cart while a three-wheel design allows you to push the cart.

Some golf push carts now even have four wheels, adding an extra dimension to the overall maneuverability. Such carts usually have two wheels in the front.

While this might limit your ability to rotate the cart freely, two front wheels add stability. They will prevent the cart from tipping over.

Depending on the golf course and the slope that you will encounter, you may choose a golf push cart accordingly.

Wheel Rotation

We talked above about the number of wheels on the golf push cart. One added feature is rotatable wheels.

They allow you to spin the cart 360 degrees and offer something extra when it comes to moving the cart around tight bends and smaller spaces.

The utility of this sort of feature would depend on your personal preference and the golf course where you plan to play. But, it is a small detail that is worth paying attention to.

Push Cart With A Seat

Do you feel tired of walking around the golf course and standing for hours? Do you believe that it would help you if you had a place to sit, just for a couple of minutes?

If yes, then there are golf push carts with a seat. It isn’t anything elaborate.

Some carts come with a small seat that you can pull out and sit on for a few minutes. Some carts have a stool-like feature in them as well. You can rest on it as you wait between shots.

Brakes Are Important!

There is nothing more embarrassing than trying to chase your runaway cart down a slope while everyone else watches you.

Therefore, if you buy a golf push cart, then you would want to make sure that the wheels can be locked by some sort of braking system.

Golf push carts with braking systems usually have two types of designs. One is a hand-activated brake and the other is a foot-activated brake.

Both braking systems usually lock either the front or back wheels.

This is essential, especially before you grab your club and head over to the green or to take your shot. You definitely don’t want the added distraction of a runaway cart.


Golf push carts are very useful on the golf course. But, what happens to them once you are done playing? They will usually get stored in your car, your garage, or somewhere else.

Most golfers would prefer a push cart that folds up nicely into something compact so that it is easier to transport it in the car. It is also easier to store it.

If you are a serious golfer that frequently travels to other cities and countries, then the compactness of the golf push cart is even more of a priority.

Airlines these days are very particular about the dimensions and weight of any luggage that you check-in. So, you would ideally want a golf push cart with all your preferred features and one that folds up into something compact.

Added features

Besides the storage, maneuverability, and compactness, golf push carts sometimes have added frills and accessories. Some carts come with an umbrella mount which is great for golfers who like to play in overcast conditions.

Some carts have handles with adjustable heights which enhances the overall ergonomics. Some have smartphone compartments and tech features as well.

Such features could eventually tip things in favor of one model over the other when choosing a golf push cart to purchase.

Now that you know what are some of the important features of a golf push cart, let us look at some of the best selling Golf Push Carts.

Best Selling Golf Push Carts

CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5

The Caddytek CaddyLite is best known for its compactness and light weight.

When it is fully open and ready to be used, it is only 16.14 inches wide and 33.46 inches tall. It weighs less than 13 lbs which makes it easy to maneuver and transport.

The push cart comes with an adjustable handle, an umbrella holder, a drink holder, and a golf ball slot (in which you can store your ball).

The braking system consists of a foot-activated brake on the back wheel. This model is listed as Amazon’s Choice for golf push carts.

CaddyTek 4

The CaddyTek 4 is considered by many golfers to be the benchmark when it comes to golf push carts.

It costs just a shade under $200 and is made with an aluminum frame for longer durability. It has a front axle suspension and compartments for a GPS, your smartphone, and other things.

There is a one-click mechanism that folds up the push cart into a 16.9-inch by 26.4-inch form. There is a built-in cooler to store your sodas/beers, a scorecard holder, and a clamp-type bag holder.

The brake system is foot activated. The storage space is also a lot larger than that of the CaddyTek CaddyLite. There is even a stool to sit on.

MGI Zip Navigator

If you want an electric golf push cart with a remote control and are willing to spend top dollar (around $1500), then the MGI Zip Navigator push cart offers a decent option.

It has a remote control and allows you to freely walk on the golf course without worrying about pushing the cart.

While the battery pack adds some weight to the push cart, it folds up into a 27.5-inch by 18.5-inch form.

The handle height is also fully adjustable. However, this push cart does not have as good of a storage space or a seat/stool feature.

It is great for folks who are either senior or cannot push the cart and want more of a hands-free or low-hand-use option.

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