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How to Find the Sweet Spot with Golf Club Spray?

If you’re having trouble making solid contact with the golf ball or feel that you could be making better contact on the club face, then this article is definitely for you to read.

I began my own journey trying to improve my ball striking and I started by analyzing where I was hitting the golf ball on the face of my club.

I wanted to test and see how close I was to hitting the sweet spot on the club face that achieves max ball speed and results in longer distance golf shots.

Upon doing research it became quite clear that you there are two options for finding the sweet spot on a golf clubhead’s face.

The first is using stickers that you peel off and stick onto the clubface. They make different stickers designed for different club face shapes such as woods, hybrids, irons, and driver. You can order a variety pack to use on different clubs or order a pack of stickers for one type of club like your irons, for example.

The second method, which is the one we will discuss more in depth today is using a club face spray.

This involves spraying the club face to create a residue on the golf club’s face which will then leave a ball print once you hit your shot.

You can then analyze that ball imprint that is left behind to see how close to the sweet spot you hit the golf ball.

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What are the Best Sprays to Use on Your Golf Club Face?

#1 Club Face Spray Option – Strike Spray

If you do a quick search on google for golf club face spray you’ll quickly discover a company called strike spray.

Strike spray is golf’s #1 solution for analyzing impact position. Using this spray will help you improve the centeredness of your strike.

It’s easy to use. Simply pop the cap off the spray can, hold the nozzle a few inches away from your club face and mist the club face with the Strike Spray.

It will leave a white residue over the club face.

If you purchase multiple cans of Strike Spray you can save money by getting a bulk discount on your purchase.

For example, 3 cans are offered at $29.99 ($10 per can) and 12 cans at $99 ($8.33 per can).

#2 Club Face Spray Option – Athlete’s Foot Spray

The next best spray to use on your club face is simply, Athlete’s foot spray.

You can find a cheap spray can of athlete’s foot spray at your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Riteaid.

Spray the club face to coat it with a white residue.

If you want to learn where you hit the ball, you can also draw quadrants on the club face. Let’s talk more about the ball striking positions of the club face and how it impacts ball flight.

golf club spray

What Happens When You Have Off Centered Ball Striking?

When you hit the golf ball off the toe it usually results in a hook. This is because of the gear effect which causes the ball to move back towards center.

The heel strikes lead to slices, the opposite of the toe hit.

In addition to where you strike the ball horizontally on the face, we also want to consider the vertical location of the strike.

Hitting higher up on the face near the top of the clubhead, tends to create a high launch with low spin.

Hitting the ball below the center line, gives the golf ball a lower ball flight and more backspin.

To get the optimal launch, distance, and roll out on your tee shots, you want to aim for hitting the ball just above the center line on a vertical scale to promote higher launch and lower spin.

Lower backspin leads to more roll when the ball lands, thus giving your drive more distance.

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Finding the Sweet Spot

Overall, finding the sweet spot on your golf clubs takes practice learning where you are currently hitting the ball on the face and adjusting your fundamentals to change the tendency and center the shot more to the sweet spot.

Hitting dead center of the face is ideal for most golfers. But if you need extra launch, position to hit the ball slightly above center, and for lower shots hit slightly below center.

Practice different shot types and analyze where the ball imprint was when you hit a successful shot with the correct movement vertically and horizontally (draws, fades).

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