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How Much Do Golf Swing Lessons Cost?

In this guide we are going to cover how much golf lessons cost. If you are looking to get lessons for your golf swing, we will share the average cost a golf instructor will charge to give golf swing lessons below. You can also pay for golf lessons for help with putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, and other areas of your golf game besides just the golf swing.

Here’s the topics covered below in our golf lessons cost guide:

  • How much for 30 minute golf lesson?
  • How much for 1 hour golf lesson?
  • Who should take golf lessons?
  • What to look for when choosing a golf instructor?
  • The benefits of taking golf lessons

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Taking Golf Lessons – What You Need to Know

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost in 2022?

The average golf lesson will range in price from $30 to $60 for a 30 minute lesson and range from $60 to $120 for a 1 hour lesson in 2022.

Most golf instructors offer 3 different time-lengths of golf lessons.

  • 30 minute golf lesson
  • 45 minute golf lesson
  • 60 minute golf lesson (1 hour)

Golf instructors charge $30 to $100+ per hour with higher rated golf coaches often charging more.

Hank Haney, for example, would be much more expensive and likely charge in the thousands for golf lessons since he is one of the top golf instructors in the world and used to be Tiger Wood’s golf swing instructor.

But the average local golf instructor at your average local golf course will charge around $50-70 for a one hour lesson.

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Discounted Pricing with Golf Lesson Packages

Another thing to check into when buying golf lessons is if the golf instructor offers any package deals on golf lessons. Sometimes you can buy a golf lesson package which may include 4 lessons, 6 lessons, 12 lessons, etc. and come at a discounted cost compared to buying each golf lesson individually.

Group Lessons are another option to get golf lessons for a cheaper price. Group lessons are when multiple golfers are taking a golf lesson at the same time with the instructor so it’s less one on one instructor compared to Private Golf Lessons.

With private lessons, the instructor can focus all of his/her attention on you for the entire 30-60 minute session.

Group lessons are common when golf instructors are hosting golf camps for kids, teens, and adult programs.

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What Should Be Included in Golf Lessons?

If it’s your first time taking a golf lesson, here are some things you should expect and look for when choosing a golf instructor.

Initial Assessment:

The instructor should start off asking you some basic questions to gather information about your history of playing golf, your skill level, what you’re hoping to get out of the golf lessons, and what you wish to work on to see improvement.

The first golf lesson usually starts off having you hit some golf balls on the driving range with the instructor watching you and assessing your golf swing so he/she can get an idea of what you’re doing right and wrong in your golf swing.

Beginner Friendly Explanations:

Once the instructor has assessed your golf swing through watching you in person and recording video footage of your swing, the instructor should then move to the explanation stage where they show you video footage of your swing and explain what you are doing right and wrong.

These explanations should be done as beginner friendly as possible since new golfers tend to not understand basic golf terms yet.

Provide a Plan to Fix Your Golf Swing:

Once the instructor explains what is happening in your golf swing (the diagnosis), then he will give you a prescription (the cure) of what to work on. Your golf instructor will want to set up future lesson appointments with you to come back for continuation progress.

One golf lesson won’t be enough to help fix your golf swing problems. Set the expectation that you’re going to need several swing lessons to train your swing to perform proper swing motions and eliminate old bad habits that are built into your muscle memory.

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Some golf instructors will adopt the newest technology available on the golf market today and incorporate it into their golf lessons to help aid your understanding and improvement.

Technology can include golf swing launch monitors which provide lots of data about your golf swing like swing speed, launch angle, carry distance, spin rates, and more.

Technology can include video recordings where the instructor can capture your swing for further analysis and also to give you a copy. You can use the video recording to see yourself from a different perspective to understand what you’re feeling and why you’re doing the swing movements you’re doing.

Other Things to Consider When Buying Golf Lessons

Experience of the Instructor – Ask the golf instructor about their experience and background. How long have they been teaching golf? What are their credentials and history as a golf instructor? Most golf swing instructors will be affiliated or licensed with the PGA.

Reputation: – Is the golf instructor good with kids? Are they personable? Do they have a good reputation? Check into their online reviews before booking a golf lesson.

The Facility – Where will the golf lessons take place? Are they indoors on a simulator bay with a golf net? Are they outdoors at a driving range? How does the quality of the facility / driving range compare to other options available?

Duration of the Golf Lesson – How long will the golf lesson be? Some instructors offer 30 minute lessons while others offer 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Make sure to compare the length of the lesson with the prices against other facilities and golf coaches.

Package Deals vs Single Lessons – Ask for discounts if you buy a multiple lesson package. Golf instructors will negotiate if it means making a bigger sale and getting more lessons booked upfront. Some golf instructors won’t offer single lessons at all. They will only offer a lesson package since the golf swing takes multiple lessons to improve over time.

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Who Should Take Golf Lessons?

Taking golf lessons makes sense if you plan to pursue the sport seriously. If you’re a hobby golfer who plays golf once a year, then taking golf lessons won’t provide you much of a benefit as compared to someone who golfs every month.

Taking golf lessons is a great way to improve quicker and will help you to enjoy the game of golf better. Golf can be quite frustrating especially when you’re not golfing very well.

Taking lessons can help fix the things you’re doing wrong and help you play better which in turn will make you happier and enjoy your golf rounds more.

kids golf lessons

Purchasing golf lessons for your kids can also be a smart decision. It can give them something to do that’s fun and it involves physical fitness so they can get outdoors and live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Golf teaches kids about honesty, having good etiquette, and using manners which will help develop them into good human beings.

Kids also learn and pick up on things quicker so getting them golf lessons at a young age can help them develop a good golf swing early on rather than later in life when it’s more difficult to make changes to muscle memory.

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Final Thoughts on Golf Lesson Cost

Overall, expect to pay somewhere between $60 to $120 for a 1 hour golf lesson (60 minutes) at your local golf course. Check out multiple golf facilities and instructors to make sure you find a good fit for taking golf lessons.

Every instructor differs in experience and relatability. Some have a much better way of explaining the golf swing and making you feel knowledgeable as a beginner, while other instructors will come off as confusing and leave you feeling frustrated that you’re not seeing improvement after several lessons and money spent.

You get what you pay for. Sometimes the higher priced golf lessons will actually be worth the more expensive cost. For more golf articles, check out our golf blog here to see more beginner friendly golf tips.

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