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How Many Golf Courses in the US

How Many Golf Courses in the United States?

At the current time in 2022, there are nearly 10,000 golf courses that exist in the United States. About 7,500 (or 3/4) of them are public golf courses and then there are roughly 2,500 courses that are private golf courses.

Compared to the golf courses around the world, the United States plays host to about 1/4 of the global number of golf courses. There is estimated to be over 40,000 golf courses worldwide in 2022.

We will soon be publishing our list of the Top 100 Golf Courses in the World and Top 100 Golf Courses in the United States so stay tuned for those articles! In the meantime, has put together such lists.

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Which State Has the Most Golf Courses?

In the United States, you’ll find the most golf courses in warmer coastal states like California, Texas, and Florida. These states also play host to the most PGA Tour events each year.

You can view the PGA Tour schedule here.

Some of the best states to play golf in are Oregon, California, Florida, and Hawaii. These will have beautiful ocean-side golf courses with scenic views and make golf feel totally different than your typical rural golf course in the middle of the U.S.

Coastal golf courses are the dream if you get a chance to play any.

Which States Have the Least Number of Golf Courses?

In the US, states like Alaska, Wyoming, and North Dakota have the lowest number of golf courses. Hawaii is another state with not that many golf courses, but this is mainly due to the geography of the state and its overall size compared to other states in the US.

The Average Cost of a Golf Round in the US?

In 2022, you can expect to pay around $40 for 18 holes with cart at most public golf courses. Higher end and private golf courses can charge anywhere from $50 to $150 for a round of golf.

Walking 18 holes without a cart fee can cost around $25 to $30 on average.

9 holes of golf can range from $18 to $30 depending on the golf course and if a cart fee is included or not.

Cart fees tend to range from $6 to $10 for 9 holes and usually around $15 for 18 holes.

If you want to save money, consider walking the golf course to burn calories and get exercise.

How Long to Build a Golf Course?

It usually takes developers around 2 years to build a golf course. This is the time from when they start construction. It can sometimes take 3-4 years in total due to the developer needing to obtain permits, purchase additional land and houses from residents, and get utilities ready for the golf course.

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Final Thoughts on Golf Courses in the US

Overall, the United States is one of the best locations for finding amazing golf courses. It has the most golf courses on the Top 100 list and is has the most golf courses as a percentage out of any country in the world.

If you’re considering a golf vacation, consider traveling somewhere warm to play golf if it’s winter time. This would be southern states like Florida, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California.

During the summer, check out the northern golf courses in Wisconsin and Michigan with scenic views of Lake Michigan. Or stop by Bandon Dunes Golf Course in Oregon for beautiful ocean side golfing.

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