how long to play 9 holes

How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take?

9 holes of golf should take around 2 hours to complete. A typical golf course is 18 holes in length, comprised of a front 9 and a back 9. As a member of a golf course, you can choose to play the full 18 or perhaps just play 9 holes. If you choose to play 9 holes, you’ll get to choose to play the first 9 holes (known as the front 9) or the second 9 holes (known as the back 9).

9 holes is also commonly used for golf leagues. For example, your local golf course might host a golf league where you can pay a fee to join the league and you’ll get paired with other players to play rounds of golf each week in a competitive format.

Some golf leagues use handicaps to make the league for fair since everyone in the golf league will have a different skill level at golf and post different golf scores.

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Factors that Affect the Time It Takes to Play 9 Holes

Number of Players in Your Group:

How many players are playing together in a group can impact how fast or slow the 9 hole golf round takes. With more players in a group, everyone has to wait longer in between shots since you have to go in turn by who is farthest from the hole. This can slow down play compared to playing 9 holes by yourself with no one to wait on.

How Busy The Golf Course Is:

Some days the golf course will be busier than others. This can slow down play and make the 9 hole round of golf take longer than normal. Even when the golf course is busy, it should still take around 2 hours to complete if everyone is playing okay.

Skill Level of Players:

Better skilled golfers can keep the golf ball straight and in play. This saves time not having to search for a golf ball in the woods, the tall rough, or water. Less skilled players might hit out of bounds more often, causing them to have to re-hit. They also don’t hit as far so they have to take more strokes on a hole to get to the green which adds time to the golf round.

Playing Ready Golf:

If the golfers in your group agree to focus on playing ready golf, then the 9 holes can play much faster. Ready golf is when everyone plays quick. They get to their golf ball promptly, select the club they want to hit, make practice swings, and get all of the pre-shot routine steps out of the way before it’s their turn. Then once it’s their turn, they are ready to go and can hit the ball without delaying things further.

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Riding vs Walking:

Lastly, consider if you are riding a golf cart of walking the 9 holes. It can save you money by walking 9 holes, and not having to pay for a cart fee, but this could slow the 9 hole round down having to walk to every golf shot.

However, this extra exercise is beneficial to your health, especially if you’re trying to lose weight playing golf.

Examples of Fast and Slow 9 Hole Golf Rounds

If you’re playing 9 holes of golf by yourself on a non-busy day, you could expect to complete the course in 90 minutes (1.5 hours). Playing with more people in your group will put you closer to the 2 hour average.

A fast example for 9 holes would be 45 minutes. That’s about 5 minutes per hole. For this to happen, the golf course needs to be pretty empty and you need to be a pretty skilled golfer that can make a lot of pars.

I had the fortune of getting an early tee time at 7am one morning so I was the first one out on the course with no one ahead of me to slow me down. I was using a golf cart and quickly made my way from shot to shot, finishing each hole in 5 minutes or less by myself. This lead to a 45 minute round for 9 holes.

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