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Golf Practice Routine for Beginners

Looking for a golf practice routine you can follow to help improve your golf scores? Here’s our simple, practice routine for beginners that covers the golf swing, chipping, and putting!

Golf Swing Practice Routine:

The golf swing is challenging. A lot has to go right for you to make a good swing and hit the ball straight with good contact. Have patience and work hard to improve and over time your swing will come into shape. Here’s several tips for the golf swing practice portion of your routine:

  • Get at least 100 swings in per day as a beginner to quickly improve your golf swing
  • Practice swing in the backyard at home
  • Practice swing at the driving range, hitting balls to see shot outcomes
  • Film your golf swing to see what you need to work on by comparing it to swing video tutorials found at
  • Find drills that match your golf swing fault and use them to fix the fault

Chipping Practice Routine

Chipping is going to save your golf score, since the average player won’t hit that many greens in regulation during a round of golf. To help improve your chipping quickly here are several tips to structure an effective chipping practice routine:

  • Aim for at least 100 chips per day. Use sets of 5 or 10 balls to hit a high volume of chip shots to get more practice quicker.
  • Set up to a close by hole, chipping from the fringe to warm up. Hit 10-15 chip shots to this close distance hole from the fringe, trying to get the ball inside 3 feet of the hole.
  • Next, move back into the rough and chip to the same hole, but now from rough instead of fringe. Aim for 10-15 chips here.
  • Pick a new hole to chip to on the practice green that’s even farther away. Hit another 10-15 chips from the rough to this hole to learn the new distance and build skill.
  • Lastly, find a hole even further away to chip to from the rough and try to get 5 out of 15 balls within 3 feet of the hole.

Pitching Practice Routine

Pitching differs from chipping in that you’re further away from the green. Find a spot to drop 10 golf balls at that is at least 10 yards away from the green.

Work on hitting pitch shots from 10 yards to 30 yards away from the green.

You’ll build skill over time as you do this drill more, learning how to hit pitches the right distance to land them on the green consistently. But at first, you’ll find many pitch shots coming up short or going way to far onto the green that they miss the hole.

The goal for pitching is to get the ball to stop within 10 feet or less of the hole. As you get consistent hitting pitch shots within this distance, feel free to tighten up your standards and aim for getting to 6 feet or less.

Pitching practice should be high volume. Hit lots of pitch shots on the golf course to improve distance control skills.

Putting Practice Routine

End golf practice on the putting green, working on perfecting your putting stroke and distance control.

  • Start with a drill that focuses on putter swing path such as setting down some alignment sticks that you can make a stroke over the top of, hovering the putter. Keep the putter swinging straight on path. Work on building a smooth putting stroke so the ball can roll smoothly across the green and on its intended line.
  • Next work on putts with a golf ball from 3 feet away from a hole. Get really good at making putts from 3 feet as this will be a common distance you face on the golf course. Try to make 40 out of 50 putts from 3 feet, using sets of 5 golf balls.
  • Move back to 5 feet and hit another 25 putts, trying to make half of them or better.
  • Lastly, pace off a putt that is at least 30 feet or more away from the hole and practice hitting “lag putts” that get close to the hole so you can leave yourself a short, 2nd putt to finish. The goal is to avoid 3 putts. Make it in two putts or less.

As your putting stroke improves, focus less on fundamental drills and more on reps. Get a high volume of putting reps in during your practice routine. Aim to make at least 100 putts a day to build skill quicker.

Overall, creating a golf practice routine starts with picking out different drills for each category: Golf Swing, Chipping, Pitching, and Putting and adding in a number of reps to complete for each. This will combine together to give you a solid practice plan to follow.

Thanks for reading! You can learn more and follow proven practice plans at

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