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Do Marks on Your Golf Ball Help?

Do players mark their golf balls? Is it legal? Should you also do it? We will answer these questions in today’s guide on marking your golf ball.

Before we discuss this any further, let us clarify right at the beginning that marking your golf ball is perfectly legal. While it may sound unfair to mark the golf ball with any alignment mark, there is nothing in the rule books that says you cannot mark the ball.

The rules do state that you cannot use any physical putting object to help with alignment such as a training aid or alignment mirror. However, the marking on the golf ball is apparently not viewed as an object.

Once you mark a ball, you have to play with it till the hole is complete. You cannot change or swap out a ball mid-way. The rules state that the ball from the teeing ground has to be used till the completion of the hole.

Now that we know marking is allowed, what are the reasons that golfers mark their golf balls?

Why Do Golfers Mark Their Golf Balls?


The first main reason is to help identify the ball. If several players are at the hole simultaneously, then there is a chance that you might mistake someone else’s ball for yours.

You might hit the wrong ball and then there will be two unhappy golfers on the course. There is also a penalty for hitting the wrong ball.

Besides, think about the mental disruption that this sort of confusion can cause. It won’t be easy to bounce back as your mind may end up constantly thinking about the goof-up for the rest of the game.


Golfers like to draw a straight line across the ball and then place it on the green such that the line points toward the target. This line acts as a reference point for the putter to align with the ball and face the target.

While putting also requires the golfer to read the green and its slope and also have the right posture, the alignment does serve as a helpful guide.

Focusing on the ball

Some golfers make dot marks on the ball and then try to keep eye contact with them as they get into a stance. They place these dot marks not in the middle but on the side closer to your body when you swing.

This makes your body tilt away from the ball a bit and helps maintain the right posture. There is even a drill where you can practice this. It is called the focus drill.


Sometimes, people mark golf balls with their business logo or some other symbol that serves to give out a message. These marked balls are then either gifted to the target audience or handed out at the golf course.

If you are one of those golfers who believe that business and golfing go together, then you have found yourself a new way to market your business! Just make sure the logo/mark is not too big so that it becomes a distraction.

What do I use to mark my golf ball?

You can mark your golf ball with just a sharpie marker pen. This works if you just want to make a dot or two.

If your hands are steady, then you can simply hold the ball in one hand and the sharpie in the other.

If your hands are too shaky, then you can use an alignment tool from a company like Softspikes. You can also use the Line M Up Pro marking tool to make horizontal and vertical lines or solid and dashed lines.

Another company called Visualize has a marking tool that allows you to make a tri-line or three parallel lines next to each other. So, depending on the reason for marking the ball, you can adopt different approaches.

Marking the ball can be a handy thing to do. But, it is no substitute for having the right posture, the right balance, and making the right kind of contact with the golf ball. It is no substitute for practice and hard work.

So, while we hope you find the information in this article useful, it is important to view this activity of marking as just one piece of a larger puzzle. Happy golfing!

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