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Who is Colin Morikawa’s Wife? Meet Katherine Zhu

Who is Colin Morikawa’s Wife?

Colin Morikawa is engaged to fiancĂ© Katherine Zhu. Get to know her here in today’s article.

Colin Morikawa is a young star and newer name to the golf world, having come onto the scene in 2020 when he won his first major at the PGA Championship. Colin would soon follow it up in 2021, winning his second major at the US Open. And he’s the only golfer ever to finish top 5 at all 4 major championships in the first 9 major starts, something not even Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, or Jordan Spieth accomplished.

Colin Morikawa would go on to have a successful year in 2021, not only winning the World Golf Championship and DP World Tour Championship, but also getting engaged to Katherine Zhu, his long time girlfriend.

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How did Colin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu meet?

Morikawa and Zhu met in 2017 while attending separate colleges. Colin Morikawa attended Cal Berkley while Katherin Zhu was attending college at Pepperdine.

Who is Katherine Zhu

Katherine Zhu was born in Vancouver, British Colombia and she would attend Zhuji Hailiang Private High School in China, Zhu. After high school, she chose to return to the United States and attend Pepperdine University.

Zhu’s father was a champion tennis player and Katherine followed his foot steps playing the sport as well. But she would eventually come to the decision to focus on golf instead.

She chose to play golf at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and her main reasoning was the great weather for practicing golf year round as well as the academics of the school which were important to her. She would major in International Management.

Katherine Zhu was a four year division one golfer with a scoring average of 76.54 and she earned WGCA All American honors.

Hobbies of Katherine Zhu include playing the flute and watching her two favorite golfers, Tiger Woods and her soon to be husband Colin Morikawa.

Colin has credited her for much of his success saying he wasn’t winning tournaments in college until she came into his life. And he credits Katherine also for his success on the PGA Tour with several victories in hand including two majors already in his young golf career.

The two are great together and we’re excited to see the wedding photos when the day arrives.

Katherine and Colin were engaged in December 2021.

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